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From the auction description: Stan Freberg's Treatments for Epcot Presentation (Walt Disney, 1978). An original folder from the files of Stan Freberg (1926 - 2015), containing 14 typed pages for an Epcot presentation focusing on great inventions throughout his. This is Stan's treatment, or synopsis, of the presentation, not a final script. Also included in a similar vein is a treatment titled "Light Bulb!" This four-page treatment is for a children's television series on the same subject. Finally, we have a page of song lyrics for "The Creative Idea" ("The creative idea/is a will-o-wy, shimmering thing") plus a photocopied page noted as 23 in the top right margin.


While Stan is universally praised for his comic and satiric writing talents, he was also one of the best "ad men" in the advertising business, most capable of handling more serious subjects (with a healthy dose of humor on the side). The folder featuring the hastily-scrawled comment to Roy Disney, "Roy, sorry for the delay .

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