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From Bob Gurr's Libary

8) Wed-Way 12/23/76

Signed copy of internal WED/MAPO employee newsletter with profile of Bob Gurr on page 3


7) Collection of Bob Gurr Letters

Great assortment of letters written to Bob Gurr from or regarding Diane Disney Miller, Michael Eisner monorails, and Club 33.  Also, a collection of signed file copy patents.

Diane Disney To Bob Gurr 2.jpeg

6) State of Illinois (Abraham Lincoln) Maintenance Manual

From Bob Gurr's library is his file copy of the maintenance manual for the State of Illinois exhibit featuring Disney's Abraham Lincoln audio-animatronic.

2Gurr Lincoln.jpg

5) Petitions For And Against Disney's America

From Bob Gurr's library are a series of petitions in support of the never-built Disney's America theme park in Virginia and another document against it.

1Disney America Support and Petition.jpg

4) Omnitram

From Bob Gurr's Library is this early 1970s project book for a never-built alternative vehicle for a future Epcot when Monorail extension was thought to be too expensive.


3) Lake Buena Vista Peoplemover

Brochure / booklet to sell idea of a Disney-made Peoplemover system for the Lake Buena Vista community of Florida.  This is form Bob Gurr's collection and is signed by him.

Lake Buena Vista Peoplemover Cover.jpg

2) Modular Car Concept

From the library of Bob Gurr and signed by him, a concept for Peoplemover style transit cars when Disney was trying to sell its "Community Transportation Services" 

Modual Car Cover.jpg

1) WDW Parking Lot Tram Tractor Maintenance Manual

Bob Gurr's copy of the 1972, 500 page maintenance manual signed by him.

Tram Cover.jpg
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