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111) Alice Davis Notes on Disneyland

Three memos with insightful critiques on Pirates, It's A Small World, and the Carousel of Progress.

Alice Davis Notes Cover.tiff

110) Adventure Thru Inner Space Cast Member Manual

Narrative outline of the ride and history of Monsanto to educate cast members. 

Inner Space Cast Member cover.jpg

109) Marc Davis' Pirates Concept Art Photo Archive

100+ photos and memos of Pirates of The Caribbean concept art for the original version at Disneyland that comes directly from the Marc Davis estate.  The memos detail how the animatronics should move. Davis was of the rides' primary designers.

Pirates Marc Davis00002.JPEG

108) 1961 Amusement Park Association Manual & Guide

Excellent example of mid-century modern amusement parks, technology, and equipment with a special acknowledgment of Disneyland. 

200+ pages.

1961 Amusement Park Manual & Guide Cover.jpg

107) Disneyland Operations Manual

General operations binder for Disneyland cast members.  Introduction page states this is for "our 1966 season" but that same page is dated 8/10/60 while a Wallet Fact Card says Summer 1969.

Disneyland Operations Manual 1966 cover.jpg

106) New Orleans Square Profile

1966 press releases for the opening of the area at Disneyland.

New Orleans Square Profile cover.jpg

105) Four 1955 Brochures 

Four 1955 brochures with different advertisers on the rear panel.

Disneyland 1955 Brochure Cover.jpg

104) Coca Cola Refresher

Sept. 1955 edition of the corporate magazine for Coke employees with Disneyland on the cover and inside.


103) Early Customer Relation Letter

Circa 1955 letter from first Disneyland Director of Customer Relations Jack Sayers WITH 1955 information brochure

DIsneyland Customer Relation Letter.jpg

102) "Home Of The Future" Large Model Production Sample #1

From the personal collection of Disney designers Kevin and Jody this is the first production sample of their 9" x 11" X 5" limited editionMonsanto's House of The Future - here called Home Of The Future


101) Tomorrowland Plaque

This plaque was used in a circa 2000s exhibition about Tomorrowland at The Walt Disney Story attraction inside the Main Street Opera House.


100) Mark V Monorail Manual

392-page maintenance manual dated 1984 on the cover and 1988 on the pages for the Mark 5 published by the German manufacturer MBB.

00001Monorail Manual 1988.jpg

99) Adventure Thru Inner Space Script

A pre-opening 9-page script for the 1967-1985 ride when it was called Monsanto's Magic Microscope.  The script is dated 9/15/6 and differs noticeably in some sections from the final version.

Adv Inner Space Script Cover.jpg

98) 1984 Disneyland Strike Memos.

Three Sept/Oct 1984 memos sent to Disneyland employees explaining the reasons behind the terms of the new contract being offered and ultimately the risks if they do not vote to approve it.

1984 DL Strike cover.jpg

97) 1958 Disneyland Gate Flyer

Attractive four-panel gate flyer from the park's fourth year with great mid-century art.

1958 Disneyland Gateflyer cover.jpg

96) Inn of Tomorrow Brochure

Small pamphlet for this space-era designed Anaheim hotel - one of five owned by Al Stovall


95) Disneyland Skyway Evacuation Plan

Nearly 30 pages related to procedures in case the ride has to be evacuated.

Skyway Evacuation Cover.jpg

94) Disneyland 25th Anniversary Marketing Manual

200+ pages of plans for marketing the park's 25th anniversary in 1980 with a theme of "family reunion".

Disneyland 25th Marketing Cover.jpg

93) 1983 Fantasyland Refurb Archive 

400 pages regarding the 1983 changes  to Peter Pan, Snow White, and other attractions + the addition of Pinocchio. 


92) New Orleans Square Press Party

4 page brochure for attendees of the 7/24/1966 press party of the opening of New Orleans Square - before Pirate and Haunted Mansion.

New Orelans Press Pary cover.jpg

91) Pre-opening Nomenclature

5-25-1955, 8-page memo with official names for various attractions, appx. 6 weeks before opening.

Disnelyand 1955 Nomenclature cover.jpg

90) Walt Disney's Disneyland Book

Tencennial edition signed by Jack Wagner, Paul Frees and Purv Pullen aka "Doc Birdbath".

Disneyland Book Tencennial Signed Cover.jpg

89) Monsanto Adventure Thru Inner Space "Trivia"

Four page list of trivia & minutiae regarding Monsanto's famous 1967-1985 Atomobile ride.  Used to interact with guests waiting to board the attraction. 

Monsanto Inner Space Trivia Cover.jpg

88) 20K Leagues Under The Sea Movie Walk-Thru Attraction

From 1955-1966 Tomorrowland contained an attraction featuring props and models based on the 1954 Disney film. Images are hard to find but this binder contains 40 photos and contacts from many angles and areas.

20K Leagues Cover.jpg

87) Disneyland USA

1958 Disneyland overview for sponsors.

1958 Disneyland USA.jpg

86) Highway In The Sky

1966 guide to Disneyland Monorail operations for cast members

Highway in the Sky cover.tiff

85) Disneyland Line

Monorail / Peoplemover cover

Disneyland Line 4-1-81 Cover.jpg

84) Disneyland Line

Detailed article about Submarine Voyage rehab process

Disneyland Line 10-9-86 cover.jpg

83) Disney News Fall 1969

Haunted Mansion cover and article on sculptor

Disney News Fall 1969 cover.jpg

82) Disney News Summer 1969

Articles include Haunted Mansion opening and Mineral King

Disney News Summer 1969 cover.jpg

81) Disney News Fall 1968

Articles include Disneyland Ambassadors, One-Of-A-Kind Shop, Mark Twain steamboat, and The Peoplemover, 

Disney News Winter Fall 1968 Cover.jpg

80) Disney News Winter 1967-68

Interesting issue with articles on Submarine Voyage, DL tour guides, DL attendance records, Christmas shopping at DL, WED Enterprises and American Industry 

Disney News Winter 1967-68 cover.jpg

79) Vacationland Summer 1967

Issue dedicated to the New Tomorrowland with concept art on cover

Vacationland Summer 1967 cover.jpg

78) 1955 Carnation At Disneyland Menu

Postcard-size menu for the first year of Carnation's restaurant at Disneyland which was an ice cream parlor.  The restaurant is still there although no longer officially sponsored.

Carnation Menu cover.jpg

77) Fall 1957 Disneyland Holiday Magazine

20-page magazine that primarily promotes Disneyland but also features other SoCal attractions.

DL Holiday House Future cover.jpg

76) Monsanto Magazine

Beautiful copy of this Summer 1957    12-page Monsanto publication covering Disneyland's House Of The Future.

Monsanto Magazine cover.jpg

75) Attraction Showmanship

Circa 1970s 45-page overview of key Disneyland attractions and how the showmanship from cast members plays a role.

Attractions Showmanship Cover.jpg

74) 1970s Jungle Cruise Cast Member Archive

A collection of documents related to the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland - spiels, policies, and newsletters.

Jungle - Newsletters cover.jpg

73) Tahitian Terrace Cast Member Guide

A 1963 guide for cast members regarding employe roles at the non-defunct Disneyland restaurant.

Tahitian Terrace Touch cover.jpg

72) Main Street Vehicles Cast Member Guide

A 17 page guide with details on the vehicles & horses of Disneyland's Main Street and reminders/tips on how cast members need to behave when operating them.

Main Street Vehicles cover.jpg

71) Carousel of Progress Cast Member Brochure

After CoP moved from the 1964 WF to DL this brochure was created to inform Disneyland cast members about the history of GE, the corp. sponsor.

Carousel of Progress Cover.jpg

70) 1967 Tomorrowland Press Kit

Packet of materials produced by WED about this major update to Tomorrowland which included iconic additions such as Adv. Thru Inner Space, Carousel of Progress and the Peoplemover.

1967 TL Brochure Cover.jpg

69) 1950's Disneyland Hotel Brochure

1950s Brochure promoting the facilities and amenities at the Disneyland Hotel.

Disneyland Hotel Brochures Cover.jpg

68) 1967 WED 6 Month Report 

Internal WED Enterprises /MAPO report covering 10/2/66-4/1/67 which includes Walt's death on 12/15/66.

Six Month WED Report 1966_67 Cover.jpg

67) Disneyland Lessees Report

1968 report to lessees, whose logos are on the cover, about all the upcoming events at Disneyland and the marketing benefits of being a lessee.


66) Disneyland Holiday Magazine

Summer 1957 edition of this Disney promotional publication.

1957 DL Holiday Magazine Cover.jpg

65) Disneyland Holiday Magazine

Winter 1961-62 edition of this Disney promotional publication.

Vacationland 1961-62 Cover.jpg

64) Monsanto House of Tomorrow Brochure

Two Monsanto brochures about the "House of Tomorrow" / "Home Of The Future" which became an exhibit at Disneyland.

monsanto house of tomorrow cover.jpg

63) 1st Disneyland Park Guide

Produced in 1955 before the park opened this guide and map only has illustrations (no photographs). 


62) It's A Small World Brochure

1964 souvenir guide for It's A Small World, presumably sold at the World's Fair.

Small World Souvenir guide cover.jpg

61) Disneyland Diary

An early 1980s WED publication for new employees chronicling the highlights of of the park each year from 1955-1981.


60) The Walt Disney Story Plaque

An invitation for the opening of The Walt Disney Story movie with press release and commemorative plaque.


59) AT&T Disneyland File

Large archive of documents between AT&T and Disney with an emphasis on the Circle-Vision film America The Beautiful.

ATT File Part 1 Cover.jpg

58) Summer 1977 Pamphlet

Disneyland map and guide for SUmmer 1977 sponsored by GAF film and photography.

Disneyland Summer 1977 Guide cover.jpg

57) 1965 Map

Disneyland map for 1965, celebrating the park's "Tencennial".


56) 1974 Guide

Summer 1974 DL guide sponsored by Insurance Company of North America with an entertainment calendar section covering 6-15 to 9-7 1974.

Summer DL 1974 Guide cover.jpg

55) Paper Records

Four paper 78 RPM records printed inside a very colorful booklet.


54) Dutch Boy Coloring Book

1957 Disneyland coloring book sponsored by Dutch Boy.

Dutch_Boy - 1.jpg

53) 1962 Ticket Prices Flyer

A mailed flyer containing Winter 1962 Disneyland ticket prices.


52) Pre-opening construction documents

10 letters and documents dated March-June 1955 related to various attractions at Tomorrowland.  Some docs are on Disney letterhead and some are on the letterhead of other companies.


51) 1959 Tomorrowland View-Master Reels

Three early Tomorrowland View-Master reels


50) 1967 Disneyland Guide

Photo-heavy, Summer 1967 DL guide and map featuring the new Tomorrowland and the attractions that moved from the 1964 World's Fair.

1967 DL Guidecover.jpg

49) 1962-63 Coming Attractions

Small brochure covering upcoming DL attractions including The Haunted Mansion (which was still 7 years away) and New Orleans Square.

1962 Coming To Disneyland Brochure Cover

48) Disneyland Hotel Pamphlet

Late 1950s / early 1960s small brochure.


47) 1972 Submarine Voyage Rehab Photos

More than 100 up-close photographs of the Submarine Voyage without water for rehab work.  These photos were privately taken, presumably by a DL employee.


46) Motorola Communications Proposal

1960 Proposal from Motorola to Disneyland for a coordinated radio system.

Disneyland Motorola cover.jpg

45) Disney on TV

1955 brochure designed for teachers for two Disney shows -- The Mickey Mouse Cub and Disneyland on TV.


44) Adv. Thru Inner Space Postcard

1967 Postcard booklet for Monsanto's Adventures Thru Inner Space.


43) 1957 Disneyland Guide

1957 booklet with information and maps on each land.

Disneyland 1957 Cover.jpg

42) Story of Aluminum

Brochure for Kaiser's Story of Aluminum show which was at Disneyland from 1955-1960.


41) ABC TV Disneyland Promo Photo 

Original 1959 ABC promotional photo of  concept art fo The Matterhorn for a 90-minute special entitled "Disneyland 1959" which aired 6/15/1959. 


40) Food Showmanship

1973 Disney University guide to how food is prepared and delivered at Disneyland and the role of cast members in that process.

Food Showmanship cover.jpg

39) Disneyland Dictionary

1968 WED publications to make sure employees know the proper names for all areas of the park.


38) Maintenance Manual

1969 / 1st edition of a manual published by the University of Disneyland for cast members to understand the basics of maintenance at Disneyland.


37) Disneyland Speech Training Guide

1962 brochure published by Disney Customer Relations to train cast members how to speak properly.

Tips For Talkers COVER.jpg

36) Disneyland Master Service Agreement

Published copy of the 1961, two-year contract between Disneyland and the AFL-CIO.


35) Proposal to Move Carousel of Progress to Disneyland

A printed pitch to GE to continue operating the Carousel of Progress after the World's Fair at Disneyland.  The proposal was for 5 years (1967-1972) with Disney paying for the building and then leasing to GE. 


34) Edison Square Proposal

Proposal for a GE-sponsored attraction at Disneyland chronicling the firm's history with a look into the future.  A forerunner of the Carousel of Progress.


33) 1966 New Attraction Press Kit

WED press packet for new attractions during the Summer of 1966 including Pirates, It's A Small World and the Primeval World.

1966 new attractions.jpg

32) Tomorrowland Children's Books

Canadian, slipcased edition of these six space-themed paperback books inspired by Tomorrowland. 


31) Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln Cast Member Guide

This was published for cast members who worked the opening of the Mr. Lincoln attraction at Disneyland in 1965 when it moved from the World's Fair.


30) Early Disneyland Sticker

Late 1950s / Early 1960s still in cellophane sleeve.


29) Viewliner Report

Circa 1959 internal report about the operation and costs of the Viewliner trains which operated for one year (8/57-9/58)


28) 1965 Disneyland Report

January 1965 Report to Director Of Operations Dick Nunis regarding Disneyland ticket prices & ticket books for 1966. The report is full of data tables regarding each ride's capacity levels, attendance figures, revenues and expenses.

1965 Attractions Report cover.jpg

27) Disneyland News Vol 1. No. 1

The first printing of the Disneyland newspaper sold at the park dated July 1955.


26) Sleeping Beauty Castle Model

A rare picture of the WED Imagineering model for Sleeping Beauty Castle taken before Disneyland opened in 1955.  Beneath my photos is a screenshot of Walt standing behind the model from the 1st episode of Walt Disney's Disneyland called "The Disneyland Story".  There is a video of him with the model on YouTube here  (23 seconds in).


25) 1967 Vacationland Magazine

Fall 1967 edition of this Disneyland publication

Vacationland 1961-62 Cover.jpg

24) Submarine Voyage Cast Member Guide

1966 publication for cast members about the show's story and operations.

Submarine Manual cover.jpg

23) Crane Bathroom Of The Future

Pamphlet for this attraction which existed from 1956-1960

Crane Bathroom.jpg

22) Carousel of Progress / Horizons Proposal

Circa-1990 Proposal for a new Carousel of Progress at Disneyland that would also combine elements of Horizons.

CoP Disneyland.jpg

21) Primeval World Press Release

WED Imagineering press release for Primeval World after it moved to Disneyland from the World's Fair.

Primeval World cover.jpg

20) Submarine Voyage Operaions Guide

Copy #1 of a 1976 revision to the  standard operating procedures for the Submarine Voyage. It is 43 pages long.

submarine operation guide cover.jpg

19) Walt Disney Story Maintenance Manual. 

Highly technical document with almost 400 pages covering the operations of this film attraction.

Walt Disney Story Manual - 332.jpg

18) Disneyland Cast Member Guide

1981 packet of documents, letters and booklets for a new Disneyland cast member. 

1981 Disneyland Cast Member 2 Cover.jpg

17) It's A Small World Press Kit

WED Imagineering press kit for It's A Small World after it moved to Disneyland from the World's Fair.

Small World Press Kit Cover.jpg

16) Disneyland Courtesy Book

1984 guide to cast member appearance and behavior policies.

Disney Courtesy Cover.jpg

15) The Disney Look

Early 1980s guide to appearance rules for Disney park employees.

The Disney Look Cover.jpg

14) Disneyland And...

1981 Disneyland cast member rules overview booklet.

Disney and... Cover.jpg

13) Disneyland Safety

1982 booklet of safety procedures at Disneyland.

Safety - cover.jpg

12) Disneyland Parking

Brief summary of the parking area at Disneyland along with a memo about shoe requirements.

Disneyland Parking Lot Cover.jpg

11) 1955 Photo Book W/ Original Envelope

Souvenir from the first year of the park mailed from a naval vessel in San Francisco to a relative in Akron, Ohio

DInseyland 1955 Photo w_ envelope cover.

10) 1957 Report to Anaheim

1957 report from Disneyland to the city of Anaheim documenting all the advantages the park has provided to the area.

DL Report to Anaheim cover.jpg

9) Carousel of Progress Scripts

Collection of three scripts from 1967 for the Progress City part of Carousel of Progress at Disneyland.

Carousel Progress City Scripts cover.jpg

8) Disneyland Intergalactic Space Center

1988 proposal to cover the real maintenance area of the Submarine Voyage with a Space-themed facade.


7) Disneyland Time Study

1968 study of ride capacity and timings at Disneyland.


6) Disneyland Opening Day Invite Letter

6/30/1955 letter inviting the unnamed recipient to the opening of Disneyland on July 17th. Comes with instructions.

Disneyland OPening Invite Letter cover.j

5) Four early Disneyland press releases.

These "News From Disneyland" documents, although not dated, appear to be from 1956 and are titles "Building A Dream", "Walt Disney Biography", "A Visit To Disneyland", and "Vacation At Disneyland".


4) Disneyland Monorail History

2000s heavy stock printed cards given to new monorail trainees at DL along with a training certificate.

Monorail History (90s) cover.jpg

3) Haunted Mansion Standard Operating Procedures

23-page standard operating procedure manual dated



2) Haunted Mansion Inventory list

23-page list of what is presumably all individual items that comprise The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.


1) Vacationland Spring 1959

21 page issue covering Adventureland, Californian Missions, music at Disneyland, Rainbow Desert, and Sleeping Beauty.

Vacationlandspring 1959cover.jpg
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