"Never Built"/WED/Other

27) Dispatches From Disney's #1

This is the first edition of Disney's publications for its employees in the armed forces during WWII. It was published in 1943.

Disney Dispacth WWII cover.jpg

26) 1962 Disney Annual Report

Annual report that mentions Haunted Mansion is coming in 1964 and Julie Andrews was secured for Mary Poppins.

Disney 1962 Annual Report cover.jpg

25) 1968 Disney Annual Report

Annual report from seminal point in Disney history - WDW construction in early phase, important executive appointments, EPCOT still considered a real city and Mineral King still seen as viable.

WD 1968 Annual Report cover.jpg

24) Independence Lake Progress Newsletter

Newsletter/propaganda re: Independence Lake -- a second, lesser-known, failed attempt by Disney to create a ski resort in California, after Mineral King. 

Ind Lake cover.jpg

23) 1968 Disney Benefits Packet

Packet of benefits for employees of "Walt Disney Productions & Associated Companies" regarding medical insurance, disability, and life insurance. Even includes unused benefits card. 


22) Alweg LA Monorail Proposal

A 1961 proposal from Alweg, the manufacturer of the Disneyland monorail system, for a Los Angeles line.


21) Mineral King Brochure

1967 summary of Disney's plans for the Mineral King ski resort which was never built.


20) "Oriental Disneyland" Proposal

Mid-1970s WED document evaluating the potential of a Disney park in Japan.

Oriental Disneyland cover.jpg

19) 1938 Disney Employee Manual

An overview of animation jobs inside Walt Disney, how to get them, how salaries are determined, and the drawing tasks applicants need to complete 

1938 Disney Studio Employee Manual cover

18) Tokyo Disney Opening Brochure

1983 booklet given to cast members for the opening of Tokyo Disneyland


17) Euro Disneyland Proposal

1987 proposal for Euro Disney including several maps with overlay


`16) Disney Mass Transit

1975 sales brochure when Disney attempted to create transportation systems for the public via monorail and/or people mover. 


15) Disney's America Brochure

Color brochure with concept art promoting the never-built Disney's America Park in Virginia.

Disney America Cover.jpg

14) Disney's America Newsletter

Issue no. 1. of a Disney's America newsletter which is essentially a promotional effort to sell the public of the benefits of the park.


13) Los Angeles Monorail Proposal

1954, 200+ page report commissioned by the LA MTA for a city-wide monorail system.

LA Monorail - 1.jpg

12) Disney Annual Report

1977 report with EPCOT concept art.


11) 1967 California World's Fair

50 page archive of documents and newsletters related to the never-built 1967 World's Fair in Long Beach, California.   According to documents in the archive the fair was supposed to run 4/3-10/30 in both 1967 and 1968 with anywhere from 40-50 million people attending and cost $400M. 

1967 Cal Fair cover.jpg

10) Proposed Project Operating Dates

1973 report containing dates for future projects at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.


9) Edison Square Proposal

A fascinating 1958 proposal to GE to sponsor a new attraction at Disneyland called Edison Square.  This is essentially an early version of the Carousel of Progress that was never built. Click on the image for a pdf.


8) Disney Intl. Convention.

1959 booklet for a Disney merchandising convention in London.


7) Wedway Peoplemover Brochures

2 brochures selling the merits of the Peoplemover as a transit system in real world use.


6) Bob Gurr's First Book

"How To Draw Cars Of Tomorrow" was written by Henry "Bob" Gurr in 1952 as he was graduating from the Art Center College of Design.  This early insight into his talent and passion for futuristic design is an important document in the history of Disney Parks since he designed so many of the ride vehicles.

Gurr - 01.jpg

5) Dept. of Agriculture Mineral King Report

Circa 1967 US Forest Service, an agency of the Dept. of Agriculture,   report on the status of Mineral King Ski Resort.

mineral king forest service cpver.jpg

4) Disney Mineral King Report

1966 Disney report projecting the economic advantages to California of the Mineral King resort. 


3) WED Audio-Animatronic Memo.

1963 WED Enterprises Memo about the Audio-Animatronics being made for the 1964 World's Fair.

1963 audio-animatronic memo cover.jpg

2) Capital Expenditure Report 

1971/72 CapX report for Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

1971-72 CapX WDW DL Plan Cover.jpg

1) Freedomland Guide/Map

1962 guide to Freedomanland which was an East Coast Disney-type theme park located in the Bronx that ran from 1960-1964 

Freedomland cover.jpg