1964/65 World's Fair

(and others 1960s fairs)

1) Progressland Brochure

Overview of the Disney-designed GE pavilion where the Carousel of Progress was introduced.

Progressland brochure cover.jpg

2) It's A Small World Cast Member Guide

Disney-Booklet for "Ambassadors of Happiness", employees at the 1964 World's Fair who operated It's a Small World.

SMall World Ambassdors cover.jpg

3) World's Fair Disney Retrospective

1984 WED publication celebrating the company's achievements at the Fair. This booklet is relatively crude by Disney standards. 

NYWF DIsney Retrospective Cover.jpg

4) 64 WF Fair Audience Estimate Report

Outside consultant's report estimating attendance size of the fair, when visitors will go, where they will come from and how they will get there.


5) Ford Times Magazine

May 1965 edition of the Ford corporate magazine with a section on the World's Fair.

Ford Times May 1965 Cver.jpg

6) Fun At The Fair

Short, colorful brochure with some fair highlights and a map.

Fun At The Fair Cover.jpg

7) 46 Great Drinks

Booklet of drink recipes that come from "New York's top bartenders, both in town and at the fair".

46 Great Drinks 1964 WF cover.jpg

8) Food At The Fair

Short brochure highlighting some of the food available at the fair.


9) Monorail At The Fair

Two-page pamphlet about AMF's monorail at the 1964 WF.

Monorail At The Fair P1.jpg

10) Progressland Press Kit

GE Press kit chock full of press releases, photos and other materials related to the company's Progressland pavilion. Includes a 45 of There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow.


11) Progressland Press Kit V2

A variation of the GE Progressland press kit with different mix of materials

GE_At_The _World's_Fair_ogyesz6xgX1v6lgp

12) Vatican Pavilion Badge

1964 ID card for employee of the Vatican Pavilion

1964 Vatican Pavilion ID.jpg

13) SInclair Dinosaurs

Sinclair Oil's fair pavilion featured dinosaur replicas and this brochure profiles each type.

sinclair dinoland cover.jpg

14) Delta World's Fair Itinerary

Booklet published by Delta airlines detailing a recommended three-day itinerary at the fair.

Delta itinerary cover.jpg

15) 1965 Reopening Invitation

Booklet for the events of April 21, 1965 when the Fair reopened for year two.  Includes original mailing envelope and transmittal letter which is dated 4/23/1965 and signed by Robert Moses. 

1965 WF Reopening Invitatation Cover.jpg

16) GM Futurama Booklet

Heavily illustrated booklet with details on GM's Futurama and Avenue of Progress attractions inside the company's pavilion.

Gm Futurama Booklet Cover.jpg

17) GM Futurama Booklet #2

Larger variation of Futurama booklet - this one is populated with photographs instead of illustrations.

1964 GM Futurama Booklet II Cover.jpg

18) 1963 GM Annual Report

The report for this year features an illustration of the Futurama pavilion on the cover.

1963 GM Annual Report Cover.jpg

19) Greyhound Fair Map

Two variations of fair maps with recommended bus and "glide-a-ride" tour paths published by Greyhound.

Greyhound Orange Cover.jpg

20) Pop-Up Book

Wonderfully illustrated pop-up book featuring iconic areas of the fair.


21) Time-Life Preview

Chet Huntley and David Brinkley wrote articles for this special publication about behind-the-scenes of the Fair's construction.

Time Life Fair Preview Cover.jpg

22) Use of Theme & Symbol of Progressland

GE published this pamphlet to indicate permissible uses of the Carousel of Progress symbols / icons.


23) Magic Skyway Brochure

Heavily illustrated small brochure for Disney's Magic Skyway ride at the Ford pavilion.

Magic Skyway cover.jpg

24) Fair Preview Brochure

Short brochure for a 1961 fair preview day on April 22 (1096 days before the fair) which featured tours, entertainment and speechs


25) Futurama Pavilion Model Photos

Set of 4 photos of models of the Futurama pavilion with captions on the rear.


26) Walt Disney's World's Fair Itinerary

Detailed itinerary for a group of Disney employees visiting the Fair in June 1964.

Walt 1964 WF Trip Itinerary Cover.jpg

27) It's A Small World Jobs

Interesting letter on It's A Small World letterhead to Disneyland employees about the large number of applications received to work the attraction at the Fair.


28) It's A Small World Employee Guides

Three different booklets for employee at the World's Fair -- 1) "Refreshment Hosts, 2) "Ticket Sellers", 3) "General Hosts"

Small World Refreshment cover.jpg

29) Angry Robert Moses Letter

Official copy of an infamous letter Moses wrote to NYC Traffic Commissioner Henry Barnes after Barnes publicly criticized signage Moses put over a freeway to promote the Fair.


30) Rule Violations

Odd document chronicling all of the rule violations committed by Fair vendors and pavilions. 


31) Swiss Expo Report

A report written by an Assistant Secretary of the Fair after he visited parks and exhibitions to Robert Moses with his findings.


32) GM Engineering Journal

2Q 1964 edition of this trade/corporate publication with a cover story on the Futurama ride.

GM Engineering 0.jpg

33) Seattle World's Fair Study

Very detailed 136-page survey of attendees of the 1962 WF in Seattle. Lots of charts and tables.

1962 Seatlle Fair Report cover 2.jpg

34) Employment Archive

Archive of letters, forms and applications for employment at various fair pavilions including It's A Small World and Progressland.

SMall World APplication Letter.jpg

35) Unisphere Pamphlet

Small booklet about the construction of the Unisphere published by United States Steel

Unisphere small pamphlet cover.jpg

36) Tower of Four Winds Card

UNICEF greeting card in the shape of Rolly Crump's Tower Of The Four Winds. 

Unicef Four Winds Mailer Cover.jpg

37) Unisphere Dedication

Press folder for the 3/6/63 dedication of the Unisphere which includes press releases and press photos.

Unisphere Dedication cover.jpg

38) LIRR Fair Manual

Booklet published for the Fair about the history of the Long Island Railroad with a commemorative token packaged inside.

1964 Fair LIRR Cover.jpg

39) Iran Pavilion

Pamphlet form the Iran pavilion at the Montreal Expo in 1967. 

Iran Pavillion cover.jpg

40) Hawaiian Recipes

Booklet from the Hawaiian pavilion with 50 different recipes.  

Hawaii recpies cover.jpg

41) Seattle Fair Preview

Heavily illustrated booklet about the 1962 Seattle Fair published in 1961.

Seattle Fair Preview cover.jpg

42) Fire Dept Manual 

100+ page booklet detailing fire department procedures at the World's Fair, prepared by Pinkerton's.

1964 WF Fire Dept Manual.jpg

43) Vatican Pavilion

Booklet with photographs and descriptions of the various treasures at the Fair's Vatican pavilion.

Vatican Pavilion cover.jpg

44) State Exhibit List

July 1963 list of state exhibitors with details and illustrations for each.

1964 WF State Exhibits cover.jpg

45) GM Futurama Press Photos

Set of 4 original press photos with rear captions 

GM Futurama Pics cover.jpg

46) NYC Housing Booklet

Detailed guide to hotels and motels across the tri-state area, published by the World's Fair Housing Bureau.

1964 WF Housing Book cover.jpg

47) Coca Cola Corp. Magazine

May-June 1964 edition of "The Refresher", Coca Cola's employee magazine with a section on the World's Fair.

1964 WF Coca Cola Magazine cover.jpg

48) AMF Monorail Press Kit

Folder for the American Machine and Foundry company's monorail with press releases, photographs and brochure

AMF Monorail press kit cover.jpg

49) Restaurant Guide

Overview of each restaurant at the 1964 WF with information on reservations, # of seats, opening times, price range, type of food, credit card acceptance and operator.

1964 WF Public Rest Guide cover.jpg

50) Marina Of The Future

1962 brochure prepared by the NYC Parks Dept. about the construction of the Flushing Meadow Marina which served the Fair and still exists.

Marina Of The Future cover.jpg

51) Belgian Village

Souvenir booklet from the Belgian Pavilion with numerous photographs and historical information.

Belgian Village over.jpg

52) Central Foundry Products

Booklet of pavilions at the Fair that have plumbing facilities designed by the Central Foundry Company.

Central Foundry cover.jpg

53) World's Fair TV Ratings

Internal NBC memos about ratings for World's Fair TV specials.

TV Ratings 1964 WF cover.jpg

54) NY At The NY World's Fair

Small pamphlet about NYC's pavilions at the Fair.

NY AT NY WF 1964 cover.jpg

55) Ford Pavilion Premiere

Brochure given out at the premiere of the Ford Pavilion with an overview of the attractions.

Ford Prem01.jpeg

56) Project '64 

Project '64 was a proposal for seven companies to pool their resources and create one large pavilion to share. This did not happen.

Project 64 cover.jpg

57) Lincoln Mercury Guide

65-page booklet published by Ford with an overview of the fair focusing on the Ford exhibits.

Lincoln-Mecrucy brochure cover.jpg

58) Preparation Of The Site Supplementary  Report

1960 report detailing specifics about transportation and parking at the fair.

64 WF Prepartion for Site cover.jpg

59) Hollywood USA

Souvenir brochure for the Hollywood USA Pavilion.

Hollywood USA cover.jpg