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Walt Disney World

62) WDW Secretarial Manual

500+ page manual on how to do secretarial duties at Walt Disney World.  Materials are from both mid 1970s and late 1970s.

Secretarial Cover.jpg

61) Marc Davis WDW Brochures

2 common WDW Brochures owned by Disney Legend Marc Davis with a letter from another Disney Legend, John Hench gifting them to him.

John Hench Letter to Marc Davis.tiff

60) Peoplemover Assessment

A 1977, 80+ page publication prepared for the U.S. Dept. of Transportation by the Stanford Research Institute in order to "gain an in-depth understanding of the performance, capabilities, and limitations of the AGT ('automated guideway transit') system used for passenger transport at WALT DISNEY WORLD."

Peoplemover Assessment Cover.jpg

59) Disney World "Monorail Beamway Site Investigation"

1970 study of where and how to install the beams at WDW for the monorail.


58) Walt Disney World Village Design Guidelines

1984 binder of architectural guidelines for building hotels at WDW Village (now Disney Springs).

WDW Village Guidelines cover.jpg

57) WDW 1971 NBC Opening Special Script

150+ page original "Final Draft" script for the 10/29/1971 WDW opening special that aired on NBC.

WDW TV Script00001.jpg

56) WDW Opening Year Handbooks

Set of 9 handbooks to key areas of Walt Disney World from 1971.

Main Street Handbook cover.jpeg

55) WDW Preview Center Postcards

Set of 9 postcards sold at the WDW Preview Center in 1970. Each card features concept art.


54) WDW Master Plan

58-page, Disney-produced booklet/magazine from 1969 about the plans for Walt Disney World used to communicate details to stakeholders. 

Master Planning WDW cover.jpg

53) Envirogenics - Test Procedure for AVAC Trash System At WDW

A 1970s 8-page document with procedures to test the AVAC system -- Automated Vacuum Assisted Collection - at WDW.  This is Disney's trash collection system still today for the Magic Kingdom.

Envirogenics cover.jpg

52) 1983 WDW Budget Summary

72-pages in binder with memos and summaries of budgets, labor hours, labor dollar and expenses for WDW and Epcot for 1982 and 1983. 

WDW 1983 Budget Summary cover.jpg

51) Radio Contest Winner Packet

The ephemera in this item comes from the winner of a 1979 radio contest with a trip to WDW as the prize.  Included are the winner's ID card for the Contemporary, meal tickets, park tickets, and activity tickets.

WDW Radio Contest Winner.jpg

50) Monorail Production Schedule

1969 Memo and schedule with an overview of the major goals and timelines for the completion of the monorail at WDW.

Monorail Construction Schedule Cover.jpg

49) WDW Opening Ceremony Events Tickets

WED President Mel Melton personal tickets to grand opening events at WDW 1023/10/25 1971

8WDW Opening Tickets.jpg

48) WDW Parking Lot Tram Tractor Maintenance Manual

Bob Gurr's copy of the 1972, 500 page maintenance manual signed by him.

Tram Cover.jpg

47) Contemporary Hotel Handbook

Cast member overview of the hotel

Contemp Handbook Cover.jpg

46) WDW Background Material (1967)

According to the memo affixed to the inside cover "This assemblage has been prepared as a background and starting point for the Disneyland-style theme park in Walt Disney World... The intent here is to provide as a foundation Walt's thinking and philosophy as it was applied in Disneyland."

WDW Background Material.jpg

45) Florida Project / WDW Land Purchase Archive

An amazing archive of nearly 50 documents relating to the sale of 2 lots of land in Orange County, Florida that became part of Walt Disney World.

Land 35.jpeg

44) Disney Way II

1975 conference at WDW for employees to better understand how the company works.  227 pages.

Disney Way Cover.jpeg

43) 1983 WDW Ambassador Booklet 

Short booklet for women applying to be the official WDW Ambassador for the year in which EPCOT opened.

Ambassador Pamphlet Cover.jpg

42) WDW Construction Photos

Binder featuring 34 photos of WDW under construction.

Construction Photo Binder Cover.jpg

41) Pirates Animatronic Photo Reference For Tokyo Disneyland

2 Binders featuring 300 photos of Pirates animatronics to help reconstruct the attraction at Tokyo Disneyland

Pirates Book 2 Photo 4.jpeg

40) Pirates SOP Memo

9-15-80 [my 10th birthday] ten-page memo containing a checklist of Pirates of The Caribbean standard operating procedures for training purposes. 

Pirates SOP 9-15-80.jpg

39) Golf Resort Menu

Early room service menu.  Personal connection to this as my family I stayed there at our first trip to WDW.

Gold Resort Menu Cover.jpg

38) WDW Background & Philosophy

1967 bound collection of articles and memos that represent Walt's philosophy and had that will be applied to WDW.

WDW Background & Philosophy Cover.jpg

37) Peoplemover Maintenance Manual

Circa 1978, 400 page manual filled with technical specs for maintenance of Wedway Peoplemover. 


36) "National Champion" Brochure

A 1972 publication for "participants in Disneyland and Walt Disney World" featuring attendance and publicity highlights for the prior 12 months.

National Champion cover.jpg

35) Carousel of Progress Maintenance Manual

553-page, 1978 manual that was kept in the "GE Main Area"


34) Pirates Maintenance Manual

641-page, 1974 book with amazing graphic detail on every aspect of Pirates of The Caribbean.


33) Disney World Pre-Opening Weather Study

May 1970 study conducted to provide key weather stats for WDW planning.

WDW Weather Cover.jpg

32) Haunted Mansion Interim Maintenance Manual

1970 copyright material distributed in 1975 with visual details on maintenance for "figures, features and displays."

162 pages

Haunted Mansion Interim cover.jpg

31) Jungle Cruise SOP Manual(s)

Multiple incarnations / revisions to Jungle Cruise standard operating procedure manual


30) 1981 SOP Manual For WDW Monorail

162 Pages. Mark IV monorails were in use at the time

Monorail SOP Manual Cover.jpg

29) WDW Vacationland Winter/Spring 1972

Vol 1, #2.  Grand opening on cover. 

WDW Vacationland Winter Spring 1972 Cove

28) 1976 Contemporary Hotel Room Packet

A folder with three WDW guides for Contemporary Hotel room guests.

Contemporary Hotel Packet cover.jpg

27) 1968 RCA Communications Propsoal

This is one of my favorite pieces - a wonderfully-illustrated RCA proposal to design WDW's communication systems.

RCA Cover (2).JPG

26) 1969 Pre-opening Brochure

Marketing material used in the midway point of construction, two years before the park opened.

1969 wdw pre opening cover.jpg

25) 1973 Carousel of Progress Move to WDW

This document covers the costs to move the CoP from Disneyland to Walt Disney World where it officially opened on 1/15/1975.

wdw 1973 rides attractions.jpg

24) 1971 Hotel Procedures

A pre-opening booklet detailing reservation processes at WDW hotels. 

Hotel Policies cover.jpg

23) Project Florida

A retired Orlando Public Library copy of the Project Florida book made in the spirit of the Florida Project movie. 

Project Florida Booklet.jpg

22) 1982 Audio Animatronic Manual

66-page, detailed manual covering the operations of AA figures.


21) WDW Residential Community

A 1968 WED proposal for a residential community at Walt Disney World.  An outside consultant was used to create the document.


20) WDW Financials

Detailed list of costs for Walt Disney World as of late August / early September 1971.

WDW 1971 1972 Financials cover.jpg

19) Cast Member Manual

1975 version of a Walt Disney World cast member manual.

WDW_1975_CAST MEMBER_GUIDE_o664q3V51A1v6

18) WDW Construction Photos

WED aerial construction photos of Walt Disney World used to show progress to Disney executives.

WDW Aerial Photos Cover.jpg

17) WDW Guide For "Representatives"

1969 publication for Disney employees as the company gears up to create Walt Disney World.

Guide to WDW Reps Cover.jpg

16) Nomenclature 

Marty Sklar authored this 1971 guide to the proper names for many elements of Walt Disney World.

Nomenclature cover.jpg

15) Audience Research Guide

1976 publication with insights into demographics of WDW visitors based on a 1975 mail survey to 14,000 guests.


14) Table Service Guide

Very detailed early 1980s Disney University guide to serving food at WDW restaurants.

table service cover.jpg

13) WDW News #1

April 1970 edition (#1) of this oversized publication covering WDW construction


12) WDW Travel Agent Binder

Binder containing multiple brochures for WDW-related hotels both on and off property.

WDW Travel Binder.jpg

11) WDW Preview Brochure

Colorful 1971 brochure for WDW with particular emphasis on the Preview Center.

WDW 1971 Preview Brochure cover.jpg

10) Rides & Attractions Report

1973 report detailing many different types of performance data for each ride at WDW including attendance levels, hours worked, trip times and capacity.

wdw 1973 rides attractions.jpg

9) WDW Press Kit

1984 press kit with new news about Walt Disney World in 1984 including ticket prices, Summer additions and vacation packages.

WDW Press Kit cover.jpg

8) Capital Expenditure Report

1971/72 file detailing costs for multiple projects at Walt Disney World and some at Disneyland as well.


7) Monorail Brochure

1982 publication with an overview of the Mark IV monorail system


6) "WDW & You"

Opening year Walt Disney World cast member manual. 


5) "Flash 4500"

9/30/71 WDW Employee bulletin preparing cast members for the big day "tomorrow" - when the park would open for the first time. 


4) WDW Trademark Guide

1977 pamphlet containing an overview of how the Walt Disney World trademark can and cannot be used. 

WDW Trademark.jpg

3) WDW Preview Brochure

Variation of a preview brochure for Walt Disney World with "Opens October 1971" on the cover

Epcot Opens Oct 71 Preview Cover.jpg

2) WDW Opening Ceremonies Master Script

150-page document detailing the entertainment, food and logistics of the three-day opening event 10-23-71 to 10-25-71.

WDW OPening Script.jpg

1) Polynesian Hotel Handbook

Pre-opening cast member booklet detailing the design and features of the Polynesian.

Polynesian Handbook cover.jpg
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