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Walt writes to the former head of the NYC Transit Authority, who in 1959 had his own engineering consulting firm, sending a "president's pass" for the Disneyland railroad and monorail systems.

1963 Walt Disney signed letter regarding his inability to hire a child to work at Disneyland

Walt writes to a young admirer and mentions Disneyland, Bobseld, Dumbo and what is helpful "to us in planning and developing new rides for the future."

WD Letter 2.jpg

Walt writes to an early Disneyland visitor who enjoyed his time at the park

1957 Disneyland letter.jpg

Walt signs a letter on his letterhead in 1959 regarding a viewer complaint about violence in the series Texas John Slaughter which was a part of the Disney TV series at the time.  Of note is that Walt writes about the core values of his company - "we shall strive to make our future entertainment such that you and your family will again enjoy it."

WD Letter1.jpg

In 1931 Roy Disney writes an angry letter to a publisher who is delinquent on his payments.

Roy Disney Letter 1933 1.jpg
Roy Disney Letter 1933 2.jpg

1982 letter between two Disney legends - Rolly Crump and Marty Sklar.


1918 document signed by Walt Disney's father, Elias.

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