35) Germany Cast Member Manual

9-page manual for cast members to brief them on the history and featured of the Germany area at World Showcase.

Germany cover.jpg

34) Archive of Cast Member's Disney-Sponsored 1983 Trip To EPCOT 

Nifty little archive of items from a cast member's trip organized by the Walt Disney Travel Co to EPCOT soon after opening.

Epcot Trip travel docs cover.jpg

33) GE Horizons Magazine

GE publication detailing the company's involvement with EPCOT's Horizons.


32) Horizons Cast Member Brochure

Document given to Epcot employees who worked at Horizons.

Horizons Cast Member Doc.png

31) 1983 Disney Annual Report

This annual report featured Horizon's "The Prologue & The Promise" by Robert McCall on the cover.

1983 Annual Report Horizons Cover.jpg

30) EPCOT Pre-Opening Booklet

An overview of EPCOT for WDW Management.

Epcot Center Profile Cover.jpg

29) EPCOT Pictorial Brochure

An extensive, very colorful brochure documenting all of EPCOT's attractions.

epcot brochure cover.jpg

28) 1976 Epcot Intro

Proposal for EPCOT as an institute and forum for the development of new technologies and concepts. 


27) EPCOT Classroom Guide

Booklet for teachers to utilize the many educational elements of EPCOT in the classroom - a "take home field trip". 


26) EPCOT Opening Voucher

3 vouchers for tickets to EPCOT after opening.


25) EPCOT Pre-opening Cast Tour Ticket

A ticket for cast-members to tour EPCOT 5 months before opening. 


24) Japanese Pavilion Brochure

Overview of the pavilion given to cast members.

Japan Epcot Cast Guide Cover.jpg

23) EPCOT 21st Century Brochure

A brief, public-facing, pre-opening EPCOT introductory document.


22) EPCOT Grand Opening Master Script

A 160-page script covering all the entertainment and food logistics for the EPCOT opening event 10/22-10/24 1982.  The script has been broken up into two PDFs.

EPCOT  Opening Master PLan Cover.jpg

21) EPCOT Pre-Opening Press Kit

A folder with press photos and press releases for use in marketing efforts.

Epcot Pre Opening Press Kit cover.jpg

20) EPCOT Project Management Binder

Very detailed binder containing the organizational structure of the EPCOT team with pictures of personnel, job descriptions and org charts. 

EPCOT_Project Management_Binder_o272tzbK

19) World Showcase Proposal

Mid-1970s proposal for World Showcase at EPCOT with an intended opening date of 10/1/1979  - three years before the acutal EPCOT opening date.  Has great concept art!


18) EPCOT Groundbreaking Dedication 

Map and Press / parking credentials for the groundbreaking of EPCOT in 1979.


17) Horizons GE Client Marketing List

A folder containing forms for GE employees to arrange for backstage access to Horizons for their guests.


16) Executive Club Newsletter

Fall 1983 edition of this newsletter for "Executive Club Administrators" with a cover story on Horizons.

Horizons Exec Club Newsletter Cover.jpg

15) 4Q 1978 Quarterly Report

Walt Disney Co.'s quarterly financial report for the end of 1978 with a model of EPCOT on the cover.


14) Horizons Collector Cards

GE printed these cards in honor of Horizons' 10th anniversary.

Horizons_10 Year_Cards_osfuro6jRn1v6lgpu

13) 1966 EPCOT Concept Art Photos

Publicity photos with concept art for EPCOT after the famous Walt Florida film in 1966 when it was still a city.


12) Imaginews 12/3/1982

Newsletter for Imagineers with a cover story on Horizons.

Imaginews cover.jpg

11) Disneyland Line 10/6/83

Newsletter for Disneyland employees with a full page article on Horizons

Disneyland Line Cover.jpg

10) EPCOT Brochure / Designer's Mockup

A designer's edition of this well known EPCOT brochure without proper text for proofing purposes.  The PDF has the mockup at the top and the same page from the actual publication on the bottom. 


9) Horizons Ride Control Manual

A WED internal reference copy of the tech specs of the Horizons ride control system.

Horizons Rode Control System cover.jpg

8) Disney News -EPCOT Edition

Publication For Magic 

Kingdom Club Families with section on EPCOT.


7) Herb Ryman Signed Epcot Book

Wonderful association copy of this book with multiple pages inscribed by Disney legend Herb Ryman


6) EPCOT Opening Day Booklet

A booklet printed for distribution on 10/1/82 for all EPCOT employees

EPCOT Opening Day Booklet Cover.jpg

5) 5/5/83 Edition of WDW Eyes & Ears

Horizons cover story of this newspaper "prepared by and for the Walt Disney World cast".


4) 1996 Proposal For Horizons Replacement

Concept book for a space-themed attraction that would replace Horizons utilizing the same pavilion.


3) 1981 WED Enterprises Status Report

175 page report with very specific details about the status of the construction and finances of EPCOT Center.

Epcot 1981 Cover .jpg

2) Imaginews EPCOT 6-Pack

A small archive of six newsletters for Imagineers between 9/1981 - 11/1982.  Five cover the construction of EPCOT, one covers the construction of Tokyo Disney.

ImagiNews 6 eds cover.jpg

1) Stan Freberg Epcot Proposal

A proposal from the legendary ad man for an Epcot pavilion about inventions.

STan Freberg cover.jpg