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In the mid-1970s legendary film writer/producer/director Joseph Mankiewicz was hired to help formulate the storytelling for several Epcot pavilions including Spaceship Earth, The Land and The American Adventure. Below are almost 200 images from a large archive of documents from his work for WED Imagineering.  Here is the full description from the auction catalog:

--- Comprising script treatments and drafts of Spaceship Earth, typed and Xerographic manuscripts, approximately 140 pp, 1978, heavily annotated in pencil, pen, and red pencil; correspondence, 4 pp; autograph notes, 8vo, 38 pp; story treatments of EPCOT Pavilions: "Seas," "Energy" (2), "Life/Health," "Spaceship Earth," and "Land," approximately 74 pp, February-March, 1978, heavily annotated in pencil, pen, and red marker; The American Adventure, Revised Dialogue script, no author credit, Xerographic manuscript, 20 pp, May 31, 1978, annotated by Mankiewicz in pen and red marker. During the development of Disney World's EPCOT Center, Disney's Imagineers hired many top-flight Hollywood talents to refine the project's various elements. In 1978, Joseph Mankiewicz was hired as an uncredited story consultant and potential co-author of an EPCOT Audio-Animatronic dark ride about humanity's evolution, from primitive man's first step to Neil Armstrong's first step on the Moon. This project became Disney's iconic Spaceship Earth, which opened in October, 1982. These are Mankiewicz's personal, annotated treatments of that attraction, with several other writers' treatments of EPCOT Pavilions. Mankiewicz expresses great enthusiasm for the project in his notes, but he notably scratched out the title "Spaceship Earth" on its February 7, 1978 treatment, retitling it "Mankind / A Triumph of Survival" in red marker. 

The archive has been broken up into 20 individual PDFs based on the way the pages were organized and grouped when I received it.   Some of the pages don't necessarily flow in sequence but I am not sure there is a better narrative order based on my study of the pages.

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