1939 World's Fair

54) Gregg Writer 1939 WF Edition

Magazine for secretaries, stenographers, and typists with Trylon and Perisphere on the cover.

Gregg Writer cover.jpg

53) Sparks Magazine May 1939

In-house RH Macy publication for employees.

Sparks cover.jpg

52) Midget Town Brochure

32 page magazine document this odd exhibit at the Fair.

Midget Town Cover.jpg

51) Eastman Kodak Fashion Show Photo Book  

Collection of model shots for 1939 women's fashions taken at the Eastman Kodak pavilion

Eastman Kodak 1939 WF cover.jpg

50) 1939 World's Fair Traffic Rules Digest

Pocket-sized,32-page guide to NYC traffic rules for 1939. This is a special edition published for the fair - presumably for all the people driving to the fair who are new to the city.

1939 WF Traffic cover.jpg

49) 1939 World's Fair Opening Day Program

12-page, attractive opening day program for the 1939 World's Fair on 4/30/1939.

1939 WF Opening Program cover.jpg

48) Copper Exhibit Souvenir Photo Book

More elaborate than it sounds - a souvenir record of the "Copper & Brass Industry Exhibit at the 1939 World's Fair Metals Building".  Contains 29 individually-numbered original photos. 


47) Westinghouse Hand-Book For Employees

Hard-cover book for employees of the Westinghouse exhibit with details of each section.

Westinhouse Employee cover.jpg

46) Bonny Maid Brochure

Bonny Maid was a rugs and floor covering company and this is a Fair overview sponsored by the company and apparently sold by George Nestler Stores.

BonnyMaid cover.jpg

45) Board of Directors Meeting Notes

Incredibly detailed 130-page coverage of a Fair Board of Director's meeting on 8/4/1938.  Long section on fair licensees.

1939 BOD COVER.jpg

44) Ex-Lax Postcards

Two used post cards with images of the EX_LAX exhibit and Futurama pavilion sent my different fair goers to family members in New Jersey.


43) Greyhound Map

1940 small map of the fair printed by Greyhohound


42) GM Pavilion Brochure #2

1939 pamphlet for the GM pavilion.


41) GM Pavilion Brochure

Booklet for the Norman Bel Geddes - designed attraction about travelling by car in the future.

GM 1939 WF Highways & Horizons Small Cov

40) Pull-out Map

Clever paper map where user pulls card out of sleeve a certain length to determine where an attraction is on the fair grounds 


39) 1940 Ticket

Ticket for the 2nd year of the fair with attached stub for Perisphere or Miniature Rooms

1940 ticket.jpg

38) GM Futurama Book

Copy #88 out of 800 of this commemorative GM Futurama book.


37) Electricity Pavilion Brochure

Brochure for the exhibit sponsored by the electricity utility industry


36) 1934 Chicago Fair Booklet

Booklet filled with photographs from the 2nd year of this Chicago fair.

1934 Chicago Souvenir Cover.jpg

35) Exhibition Invitation

Invitation to the opening of the "Exhibits Of Tomorrow - Fashion, Color, Chemicals, Clocks"

1939 Exhibits of Tomorrow opening.jpg

34) Ford Newsletter

1940 newsletter style brochure for the Ford Pavilion

Ford Exposition cover.jpg

33) Telegram Form

Promotional item for Western Union - fair goers could send a real telegraph for 25 cents using the "New Automatic Telegraph - The Telegraph of Tomorrow". 


32) Jigsaw Puzzle Map

Completed jigsaw puzzle map sponsored by Sloan's Liniment w/ original mailing envelope.


31) GM Souvenir Map

Souvenir map of the fair sponsored by GM's Highways and Horizons. 


30) Fair Transit Map

Map showing routes to the fair from various points of NYC.


29) Artistic Fair Map

Most famous as the father of modern puppetry, Tony Sarg was also an illustrator who created this elaborate map of the fair grounds.


28) Japanese Pavilion

Souvenir booklet from the Japanese Pavilion with a guide to all of the exhibits


27) Savings Book

Sales/promotional kit for a savings club sent to banks  o encourage people to save up for a trip to the 1939 WF.

1939 WF Savings Club Cover.jpg

26) Merchandise Guide

Near-100 page guide to merchandise sold at the Fair.

39WFMerch - 1.jpg

25) World's Fair Information Manual

A fantastic 300 page A-Z "Informational Manual" about the 1939 World's Fair, published by the Fair Corp's Office Manager.


24) Motorcade Preview

Heavily illustrated book of the plans for the 4/30/1938 Fair motorcade/preview that happened in NYC


23) Ten WF Menus

Archive of ten World's Fair menus including the Swiss Pavilion, Rheingold Inn, and Casino of Nations.

1939 WF Menus Covers.jpg

22) Sealtest Brochure

Spring 1939 / World's Fair edition of the Sealtest Food Adviser.

Sealtest 1939 WF Cover.jpg

21) Business Systems Brochure

1940 pamphlet promoting the  World's Fair offices which were open to the public and showcased "the most advanced types of office equipment".

1940 Business Systems Cover.jpg

20) Phone Directory

Two-sided document with the phone numbers for the all World's Fair buildings, pavilions and attractions.  All numbers start with HA(vemyr) or NE(wtwn), when phone numbers started with letters.

1939 WF Telephone Directory cover.jpg

19) Ford News

April 1939 edition of Ford News which focused exclusively on the World's Fair. 

Ford News 1939 cover.jpg

18) Underwood Brochure

Booklet from the Underwood pavilion.

Underwood 1939 WF cover.jpg

17) Ford At The Fair

Booklet from the Ford pavilion.

Ford At The Fair cover.jpg

16) Fair Passes

Two passes for reporters at the Fair -- 1) Houston Post reporter 2) Restaurant Corp. employee

1939 WF Press Passes cover.jpg

15) Bakelite Brochure

April 1939 edition of the Bakelite Review with the Trylon and Perisphere on the cover.

Bakelike 1939 WF cover.jpg

14) Kraft Recipes

Pavilion brochure with history of Kraft and recipes.

Kraft 1939 WF cover.jpg

13) 1933 WF Weekly Magazine

Week ending July 8 edition of the Chicago Century of Progress magazine with articles and calendar of events. 


12) Phone Regulations

5/3/40 World's Fair official inter-office memorandum from the Executive VP regarding regulating phone calls due to the high volume of calls going through the WF phone switchboard.

1964 WF Emergency Telephone cover.jpg

11) Home Secretary Souvenir

Very nice example of this rare souvenir - a pocket calendar - from the 1939 World's Fair

1939 Home Sec cover.jpg

10) Kodak Pavilion Book

Hardback booklet documenting Kodak's pavilion and exhibit at the 1939 World's Fair with excellent photos (which seems fitting).  This was, of course, when Kodak was king of its industry.

1939 Kodak cover.jpg

9) Maxwell House Menu

Great mid-century artwork on this Maxwell House World's Fair menu.

Maxwell House Menu cover.jpg

8) Woolworth 1939 Fair Map

Woolworth map of the 1939 World's Fair - more great art

Woolworth 1939 Map.jpg

7) Town of Tomorrow Brochures

15 brochures for each of the 15 demonstration homes at the "Town of Tomorrow" - 

Town of Tomorrow #8 cover.jpg

6) 1939 WF Kitchen Ranges

Sales brochure for the latest in gas ranges - part of the The NEw England Home at the Town of Tomorrow exhibit. 

1939 Kitchen Ranges cover.jpg

5) United Air Lines 1939 World's Fair Brochure

Small 1939 United Airlines brochure focusing on the flights that can bring people to New York for the World's Fair. Includes nifty advertising for NYC businesses.

United 1939 WF Cover.jpg

4) 1939 World's Fair Handbook

A small handbook with rules and instructions for fair employees.

1939 WF Handbook cover.jpg

3) Dr. Scholl's Guide

An odd, compact, 64-page pamphlet covering all foot ailments and the shoes of the era one can buy from Dr. Scholl's to prevent them. It even comes with an unopened package of "Zino-pads" to remove corns.

dr scholl cover.jpg

2) 1939 World's Fair News No. 1

This July 1936 edition was the first of a monthly publication from the Queens Chamber of Commerce to help generate public interest in attending the fair.

1939 Wf News #1 cover.jpg

1) Oversized 1939 Promotion Book

This very large and lavishly illustrated hardcover book - 24 in x 19 in - was published in 1936 to help promote the fair.

Oversized book cover.jpg