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A collection of five never-before seen concept drawings for a set of proposed but never-executed interactive exhibits in the Contemporary Hotel destined for the Fiesta Fun Center space.  These were conceived and drawn in 1986-1987 for a planned 1990 opening.  Obtained directly from the founder of the outside firm hired by WDI to design them.  Here is his description:

We produced the concepts in 1987 for consideration by the WDI renovation team. The concept was to introduce new interactive games and exhibits to entertain guests staying at the hotel to further enhance the futurist 1960’s style of the hotel.

Space Journeys was an early adaptation of simulated travel with in seat video monitors and with a yet to be filmed motion base camera with motion base seats. Iwerks (Imagineer Don Iwerks son of Ub Iwerks) was our selected vendor.

Center Core was envisioned to provide guests a few on the control room that was representing the Dax Center in the park that houses the computer systems that control the resort and monorail transportation.

Multi Player Game was the early video game designed to allow multiple players to interact or play on one screen. A novel concept in 1986.

Star Grill was the first approach to what we now define as AI. In 1986 we proposed that the food service in the game room would appear to be automated and served by AI to the guests in this futurist food truck concept.

Lazer Maze was our approach to the future of interactive games allowing guest to use recent technology in 1983 (Shooting Gallery) with portable infrared beams activating a multitude or animated props and for interaction between guests interactive vests.


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