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A remarkable, 400 page archive of an English man named Edmond Ernest Johnson who tried to build a high speed "Mono-Railway" apparently for the American market which would cut cross-country travel times by more than half.  There is no information about him on-line but his partner was Bernard Crossley Meates who was a British Air Force officer during WWI.  The archive consists of many correspondence between the two partners regarding patents, engines, contracts, travel, test track locations, and construction.  There are also sketches, photographs, blueprints, patent and engineering calculations.  Letters from Rolls Royce's engine department also populate the archive.  The material covers late 1920 - early 1924.  I have found no newspaper articles about this company or the monorail from the 1920s and as far as I can tell it never made it anywhere near completion. Johnson did have some patents granted, created scale models and printed sample brochures as the archive will show.  The archive has been broken up into 5 parts given the length.

Part 1:  Brochure samples, pictures of scale models, patent applications and granted, blueprints, and business contracts.

Part 2:  December 1920 - April 1922 Correspondence and Trade Catalogs

Part 3:  May 1922 - October 1922 Correspondence and Trade Catalogs

Part 4:  Nov 1922 - April 1923 Correspondence and Trade Catalogs

Part 5:  May 1923 - Jan. 1924 Correspondence and Trade Catalogs

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