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This section contains the documents from a very large archive of documents related to Horizons and specifically to the production of the Choose Your Own Tomorrow films.  This archives comes from David M. Jones who was very heavily involved in the production of those films.  He passed away in 2022, here is his obituary.  

Choose Your Tomorrow Ride Vehicle Key Art 

Choose Your Tomorrow "Underwater"Archive

General Notes & Sketches


Choose Your Tomorrow 
"Space" Archive

Choose Your Tomorrow "Desert" Archive

Additional Art / Sketches


Horizons Space Colony Archive

Choose Your Tomorrow "Mag-Lev" Archive
(unproduced 4th film)


Disney Coding Gide

Three of the best memos from the archive

Draft memo to Marty Sklar re: how to to spend the funds freed up my the cancellatin of the Mag-Lev portion of Choose Your Own Tomorrow

Change of budget approval process as film production was coming to an end.

Gag memo from Card Walker about the struggles of EPCOT

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